Rules Rusty Zone SOLO/DUO


No hate speech based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc. This rule applies to your voice chat, text chat, discord behavior, signs and paintings. Do not try to circumvent the language filter by misspelling racist terms.

No toxic behavior or excessive Griefing toward other players can result in a wipe ban.

Any type of advertising will result in a mute, or ban depending on content.

If caught abusing game exploits, depending on severity will result in ban. This includes getting into places outside of the map, or into rocks ect.

Releasing of personal information of other players (doxxing) will result in a perm ban regardless of where you obtained this information (Includes images set as Display Picture). This will also result in a Discord perm ban.

Admin matters WILL NOT be discussed in Public Chat. This includes in-game chat and discord. Admin matters are handled in private between the Admin team and the concerned parties.

Do not call out hackers in global chat, report them in f7 or put in a ticket on the website.

You may only speak English in global chat. We cannot Moderate Languages we can’t understand.

No walling off huge areas, or claiming unreachable areas (monuments). Quarry’s monuments are excluded in this rule.

No more then 5 layers of high external walls around bases.

Impersonating players or staff members will result in being banned, the duration of this is dependent on the type of content and intent by the person.

Please respect all staff, they are here to help.

No in-siding others

Harassment of any kind is not allowed.

Going out of your way to despawn others loot that you dont want is not allowed.


The max group limit of this server is 2 members at any given time, this includes online/offline players & allies.

You cannot roam/team/raid/ally/accociate with any other clan/group team/ friend if you have the max members, or if your number combined are more then 2 members online/offline.

You are not allowed to cycle clan members. This means kicking the same member more than once from you clan per wipe. Members leaving also apply to this sub rule.

You Must notify admin if you kick a player out of your clan or group for a new player to join.


We do not allow any type of Proxy or VPN on our servers, unless you have approval from the admin team. Joining the server with a Proxy / VPN will result in a ban, unless approved.

Applying for VPN access doesn't mean you will be approved, and using it to bypass our country filter will result in the application being rejected.


Using 3rd party applications to gain an advantage will result in a ban. This includes cheating, scripts and macros.

Anyone caught playing with a person who is cheating will be banned for 2 weeks for association. Evading this ban by playing on an alternative account will result in being permanently banned.

What is Considered Excessive Griefing?

Blocking doorways or base entrances/exits with upgraded structures.

Walling off or code-locking Tool Cupboards.(Griefing don’t apply to External Tool Cupboards place around walls or TC’s holding a spot for future builds.)

Door camping for more than 30 minutes (as a general rule), or smaller periods of time with continuous return visits. This will be up to an Admins discretion to determine whether or not it is excessive.

Going out of your way to mess with a base in anyway like placing barricades, sandbags, de spawning loot you don’t want and so on in a players base just to be toxic.

No Blocking caves so other cant build.

The excessive griefing rule is and will continue to be enforced!

Going out of your way to despawn others loot that you don't want is not allowed.

No in-siding others

What If I Don't Like The Rules?

If this playing style does not match what you are looking for, we certainly understand and would rather you play on another server.

Can We Place Stuff When We Raid?

You are allowed to place doors,TC and stuff to secure the raid from the base owner and counters.

when you have finished moving loot all the locks and doors must be removed.

we allow up to 2 hours to move loot to your base.


We have a lot of experienced Players on the server and we welcome all of you. However, we are seeing (first hand) a lot of fully geared players (armor, AK’s, etc.) killing players on sight who are farming with nothing but rocks or stone tools. We are getting flooded with complaints from players who can’t step out of their wooden 2×2 bases to even chop a tree, without getting killed by a fully geared player. This is happening to new players repeatedly and they often leave the server as a result.

The intent of RUSTY ZONE has ALWAYS been to have the proper balance, where new players as well as experienced players can have fun. We WILL NOT compromise on that goal! If PVP is your main desired game play, there are plenty of experienced and fully geared players to PVP with on this server. You don’t have to look far to find them! However, the fresh spawn hitting a tree with a rock, trying to build a wooden 2 X 2, has nothing you need. Quit using them for your personal target practice!

We are not saying “don’t kill naked players” and we will not make a rule against that. After all, you may be involved in a PVP battle or Raid and someone could be running back fully naked trying to get to their body. Someone could also be running between bases loaded full of loot and be fully naked, we get that and this is not what we are talking about. We are specifically talking about fresh spawns who are obviously just starting out and have nothing you need. You obviously know before you pull the trigger, what the specific situation is.

Here’s a clue, if someone is using a rock or primitive stone tool to farm, they are very likely a new player just getting started. Instead of killing them, how about throwing them a couple of upgraded tools and helping them out. Why? Because that new player you help out today, will build a bigger base, collect more loot and give you someone to PVP or Raid later on. Also, they will return to the server next wipe and help to keep the population growing.

I appreciate all of you on this server, but want to be clear that the admin team WILL continue to spectate and WILL be warning and/or removing players who are unwilling to operate within the spirit of gameplay that is healthy for this community. We WILL NOT allow toxic players who think it’s fun to KOS fresh spawns, to ruin this server or hurt the population. If you or your player is guilty of this, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I leave you all with a thought and question I have repeated many times, it takes a great community to make a great server. How much fun will you have if this server is empty? Do your part!