• Rules & Faq

    • +

      Added rules back to the website.

  • Clans

    • Clans was for everyone but when it crashed i uploaded the old file so now you do not need to be in discord to make or join clans!

  • Website Leader Board

    • +

       Added Leader Board on the website so you can check on your enemy's  (click Leader Board on top)

  • Play Time

    • +

      We always had play time tracking on the server for leader board but now it will send you 1 point every hour so you can spend the points for skins and maybe other stuff later.

  • Economics

    • +

      Economics a basic economics system that allows you to get points and spend them on skins.

  • Player Skins

    • +

      allows players to purchase skins for items using in game currency such as  coins (Economics). They can then apply those skins to their items using the 'Reskin' menu